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About The Author


My name is Rose Marie Kelly. I was born and raised in Jamaica. I attended kindergarten and then moved on to Saint Faith's Primary School, where I studied for six years. I took the Common Entrance Exam for Kingston Technical High School and was successful, but due to financial difficulties, I was transferred to Glengoffe High School, where I studied for three years.

Again, I had dropped out of school because of financial difficulties, but I never gave up. I was determined to get a proper education. At that time, I never knew what my next step was, until my mom sent me to learn a skill at the Above-Rocks HEART Academy and Training Center. But financial difficulties persisted, and I was unable to graduate. I was home for a while until a family friend introduced my mom to a designer school from which I successfully graduated.

Since I had no experience and was unable to get a job, I chose to attend evening classes. I started to work as a kindergarten teacher, but over time, teaching didn't work out. I started doing other jobs, then later moved on to the Cayman Islands, working as a care giver so that I could support my family back home. Ten years later, I moved on to the United States of America. I'm now a business woman and a US citizen.

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